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Thread: Does the Assasin poison affect Marksman bow?

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    Default Does the Assasin poison affect Marksman bow?

    "A similar question posted while I had this open" thanks anyways.


    Will be trying a Marksman ~ 31 main soul (DPS) with assasin ~ 21 (stealth/attack buff;s) and bard 9 (heal) in upcomming Beta's and pre-release.

    Question? Will the poison skills from the assasin affect the bow from the marksman?

    Advice? Is this a viable build as only made it to level 6 in Beta 4? (not much play time)

    Thanks for the help.
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    Yes .

    Don't forget to support Dual Targeting in SWTOR and Prime Online.
    We didn't get it here, but perhaps we can help make the next games into what they should be.

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