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Thread: Rogue Melee PVP/PVE gank DPS powerhouse build

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    Apologies for double post, but try something more along the lines of this:


    Similar to the build that you posted, changes are:
    1. Moving 2 points from Exceptional Resilience to Cautious Stalker
    2. Removed 2 points from Combat Efficiency and 1 from Ambidextrous in blade Dancer to Blinding Powder, Subterfuge, and Slip Away in Assassin. Doing this will cause a drop in % chance to gain additional energy by 20% however you're still at 1/3 chances to succeed and 3 energy gained still isn't really that much considering you would need to successfully "hit" with this passive 8-10 times to gain 25-30 energy which is the usual amount required to use most Rogue abilities. And 3% drop in Dexterity which isn't all that much of a difference.

    Substitute 1 point from Subterfuge into advanced flanking if needed. As stated in my previous post currently Advanced Flanking is useless but once it's fixed, should prove to be very useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyhawk View Post
    ^ i was testing out something VERY close to that, i tried setting up a build that would play like my sin in Aion

    from basic testing i noticed you can stay in stealth and shadow shift, i wanted to test out the ambush type skill with stealth up.

    i really wanted to get strike back in from bladedancer, but i couldn't fit it either.

    only difference between mine and yours is i have blind on instead of puncture. if they don't fix blind i don't think i will keep it tho, right now it comes off with the apply of poisons and bleeding it seems.

    the other build i wanted to test was more blade dancer to get 2 second root, 4 second stun, strike back, disarm 6 second. but i would have to give up bleed, 50% armor pen with backstab and blind.

    Yeah imo the 6 second disarm really isn't that great if they can run away, it's just not worth it. but you prob can get the 2 second root in there by rearranging combat effienciency and dexturous,
    1. the 50% armor pen is way 2 much to lose imo, and blind is as good as a disengage in some aspects especially since it's one point spent instead of 5 extra to get it from the build ahead i proposed,
    2.strike back is to unreliable as the fact that the chances you dodge is very low assuming ur're fighting someone your level.
    3. I played the Aion sin, was one of the best in my class, then the nerf came .
    4. And I calculated blind coming back by voiding the fact now it gets erased by poison/ bleed

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    Here's my "stab" at some rogue PvP build (melee of course) critique plx
    50 Mage

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    Lightbulb in reply

    Quote Originally Posted by seldoms View Post
    Nice build, my only comments/ concerns about it ;other than trying to decipher what you were trying to say in your explanation, no offense intended grammar isn't for everyone, are:

    1. I don't see this 8 second stun you're talking about anywhere in your build.
    2. Slip away seems to be a vital skill that is lacking in this build, especially if you're placing 28 points into assassin why not dump the extra 3?
    3. Exceptional Resilience is somewhat useless unless you're dealing with another assassin or crit specced marksman. Maybe move them into cautious stalker if you're going for a Planes Shift surprise attack type of thing, which is what it looks like.
    4. Advanced flanking, as currently in beta, is useless because the game doesn't correctly administer the armor ignoring abilities that it should, which will more than likely be fixed, but as of now is useless.
    5. lastly, it seems like you're build is more geared to staying behind the enemy who, if they're smart will keep that from happening and is limited to maybe a couple stuns as opposed to having a wide variety at your disposal. all classes have at least a couple stun breaking abilities.

    I love the idea and thought of placing more points into Riftstalker though some of the abilities you have specced in there look pretty deadly i.e. Stalker Phase + Ruthless Stalker + Shadow Stalk which I originally overlooked in my build. Will have to take a second look at mine.
    changed the build a bit but still kept same perspective,


    Added an extra 2 second root for advantageful purposes of time,

    1. Paralyzing strike = 4 sec + foul play = another 4 sec = 8, finally 2 sec root = 10 now,
    2a. it's 2 points now, and i still do not feel compelled to throw 2 points into it as i would lose 2 seconds of extra immoblization in which the time i can use to kill them, and a 10% further in regain of energy to aid for my usage in skills,
    2b. Slip Away is a 2 minute cool-down, so you can't use it for literally every occasion, and further you shouldn't even need it, you have a shadow stalk which removes roots if you're rooted or anything like that or shadow shift if you're not combined with cautious stalker and exceptional resilience defense bonuses you shouldn't take much in your escape, you also have the option of sprint to add in the option of that escape if necessary.
    2c.And also the only way you'd use that skill is that you'd jump in a middle of like a 3+ vs 1, that's something that should never be made.
    3. Exceptional resilence provides more use then u'd think considering if 6% is like 100-200 hp compared to being hit by a 300 damage and reducing 30% which is like a whole 90 per hit. And people crit more then you think mobs proc exceptional resilience like every 1-2 mobs, and these are mobs not players with stats advantages.
    4.I have the expectation of that penetration blow it will be fixed by the end of the beta, exactly why it is needed, in the process on this build.
    5. all you need are the 10 seconds behind the enemy to inflict a enormous load of pain with para/ foul/ flash and / back stab/ 2 finisher, and a whole ton of buffs that aid them. And yeah i calculated the stun breaks into it, you can always use malicious strike to slow them down, and shadow stalk/ assault to appear behind them again.and they can't break out of root if they broke outta your stun.
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