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Thread: Warrior DPS/Offtank suggestions.

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    Default Warrior DPS/Offtank suggestions.

    I plan to primarily duo with a cleric friend.
    In larger party situations i hope to be able to DPS and offtank.
    This is what ive came up with so far.
    Tips and opinions appreciated.


    Last point is in final BM skill in tree.
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    Considering the goals you set in your post, I will tell you this is not an optimal build. That is not to say it is a bad build, just not very good for what you want it to do.

    BeastMaster is an excellent PvP and Solo soul, but you will find it hard to get groups with a pet. When running instances or any difficult content pets are a random factor that usually gets groups wiped. Again not that you necessarily will, but it happens way to often for a group to take a chance on pet classes. With your pet passive or dismissed the BM soul loses a ton of pop.

    For what you want to do, I would recommend something like this.

    Not top DPS, but good spike potential (PvP) and nice sustained dmg (PvE). Plenty of parry + dodge with the ability to hit 95%+ parry for 10 secs. Threat can be turned on/off (Warlord only one who can do this). May not be your style, but would fit what you want to do. Hope it gives you some ideas.
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