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Thread: Saboteur blast charges

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    Default Saboteur blast charges

    I noticed while playing in beta that placing a blast charge on a mob does not give you the kill for that mob. If you place charges without detonating, and another person hits them, you lose that mob to the other character. I'm not sure how I feel about it, on one hand I should get credit based on performing an action toward that mob but on the other, I haven't actually done any damage or pulled aggro if I have silent setup. At the end of the day it will just cause me to play my character differently based on situation so wasn't a huge deal, but I could see where it could get annoying when doing the kill x number of y type of quests. Has anyone else seen this and have an opinion?

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    If you want the mob, tag the mob with an auto attack/ranged skill. This of course will put you in combat and force you to actually pay energy for your charges.

    I think it's completely fine the way it is now. Honestly I think it's a little too good that you get 0 energy charges while out of combat, but whatever.
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