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Thread: Champion in PvP?

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    Default Champion in PvP?

    Not sure if this has been talked about before, I did not do a search. Anyways this weekend I got a chance to try out the beta and I rolled a Champion/Riftblade, Did not select a third class. Anyways I only got to like level 18 but I could not help but notice the PvP potential of these two classes. The champion offers some pretty good cc with descent burst. And the riftblade has quite a bit of cc and most of it is ranged. I could not believe how many kite breaking abilities this combo had. Ranged snares, ranged silences, charge, several stuns and melee interupts and silences. Also the riftwalk ability looks pretty insane. Basically you cannot stop this class and it has many ways to keep you in melee range.

    Depending on how the combat scales at high level, I could imagine how lethal this class can be with a massive twohander, lol

    Has anyone else tried out this combo? Anyone else have thoughts on a third class that with only a few points spent in it would offer even more PvP potential?

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    The teleports that Riftblades and Riftstalkers get look good on paper, but they're pretty much worthless at the moment. You have to be on the same level and have an ABSOLUTELY clear path between you and your target for them to work.
    • If the target is above or below you and there's no ramp, it will fail.
    • If you jump off a ledge and try to teleport in mid air, it will fail.
    • If there's a tiny 6 inch high rock infront of you, it will fail.
    • If there's small break in the path that you could've easy jumped across, it will fail.

    In short i find the charges that Pallies, Shammies, Champions, Paragons, and Blade Dancers get and Warlord's yank, much more effective and forgiving for gap closing than teleports.
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    Agreed with Tenison.

    Did you notice though, that if you performed attacks like Shadow Assault and something was in your path, that you'd still do the damage and simply not teleport?

    If only Shadow Assault was good damage, then I could foresee a nerf!
    Quiz Whiz

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    I am still torn 50/50 between rolling a warrior or cleric for my first toon, but if I go warrior, champion will be in every pvp build one way or another as either main or support soul Champ/Riftblade is awesome! Void Knight/Champ with 2 hander looks awesome. Champ/Reaver or Paladin/Champ (for s/b pvp)...

    Here, mess with this builder for awhile


    edit: As for the third soul with Champ/Rift, I'd go Reaver for the baseline armor debuff or 5 in your pvp soul (Vindicator) for the extra pvp damage when you get it
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