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Thread: Few tanky questions

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    Default Few tanky questions

    Ok so long time EQ2 player. I was a MT for many years in a high end raid guild clearing endgame content. Im not sure if i want to continue tankin in this game but i have a few questions.

    Im not 100% on how all the spec changes work. If i make a warrior im allowed 4 diffrent specs within that? like i can have 4 sets of 3 souls that i can change out at will? If so i can see the MT spec. Any suggestions for a good PVP spec and a pure dps supports spec within warrior?

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    Yes you have it all right.

    Offence can be achieved through combinations of riftblade, champion and paragon, with varying degrees of toughness to suit your playstyle by adding in paladin, warlord and reaver.

    There are one or two good pvp abiltiies in vidicator, but you don't really need them. I see champion/riftblade as a great pvp option right now.

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