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Thread: Elementalist pets comparison

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    Default Elementalist pets comparison


    With the above, I decided to do a comparison of both the earth and air elemental's greater and lesser forms. These are taken all at the same level, with no buffs on my avatar, being level 27. I wanted to show people that around level 27, where as before I noticed it did not happen, the greater pets start to gain alittle more in the way in their main stat. Greater earth gains +2 str over lesser, and +2 int for the greater air over the lesser. I am starting to believe that outside of levels, the greater elementals have a higher scale cap before they start to get diminished returns over the lesser. If this is the case, then greater elementals should show a wider gap over their lesser kin as you gain more levels and gain mor stats for your avatar.

    Also to show the outright differences, is the higher damage of the greater's over the lessers in abilities alone. This does not count in with the addition of course of the third ability. The aoe taunt for greater earth elemental changes the limits as to how you can solo with the earth elemental, since you can and I have personally tested, AoE groups of overland mobs without much worry. This also comes in handy with being able to heal the earth and not have the adds all come after you. The greater air's solo/group/raid spell power buff was 5 at rank 1, is 13 at rank 2 with 5% boost from talents. His first action when you engage in combat is to cast that buff, and continues to cast every cooldown long as he is not casting his other spells.

    That aside, I tested the Greater Air Elemental's battle prowess in the DD dungeon in gloom for the guardian beta 4 dungeon. I would have gone to mines but did not find a group for it when I was. However, I think the data does show some viability.

    Session Time: 1613s
    High Hit: Rogue lvl 27: 828 : Shrapnel Charge
    Lafarius/me: 215962 : 133
    Rogue lvl 26: 138287 : 85
    Warrior lvl 27: 138204 : 85
    Mage lvl 25, shifted between ele/necro: 69268 : 42
    Greater Air Elemental: 65940 : 40
    Cleric lvl 27: 14401 : 8
    Lesser Earth Elemental: 5259 : 3
    Skeletal Stalwart: 3584 : 2
    Critical Hits:
    Warrior lvl 27: 12.49% of 138204 damage | 5.44% of 1780 attacks
    Lafarius: 34.77% of 215962 damage | 20.54% of 1178 attacks
    Cleric lvl 27: 6.86% of 14401 damage | 4.7% of 85 attacks
    Rogue lvl 26: 29.64% of 138287 damage | 13.51% of 2604 attacks
    Mage lvl 25: 16.16% of 69268 damage | 9.78% of 552 attacks
    Lesser Earth Elemental: 10.55% of 5259 damage | 5.55% of 198 attacks
    Greater Air Elemental: 10.61% of 65940 damage | 7.05% of 425 attacks
    Skeletal Stalwart: 7.64% of 3584 damage | 4.7% of 85 attacks

    The greater air elemental held a solid 40dps through the entire instance run. My spec was 27 points in Elementalist to boost him as much as I could, with remainder 9 in Stormcaller. I would conclude that for that low of a level, having put all my points in Stormcaller instead would have netted a much higher contribution from myself alone over 40dps boosting to the pet, but it still showed how the air elemental can hold it's own. I only had the Greater Air elemental, and never summoned another pet.

    Fight Time: 88s
    High Hit: Rogue lvl 26: 828 : Shrapnel Charge
    Lafarius: 14987 : 170 (31.92%)
    Rogue lvl 26: 10928 : 124 (23.27%)
    Warrior lvl 27: 8527 : 96 (18.16%)
    Mage lvl 25: 5252 : 59 (11.18%)
    Greater Air Elemental: 5130 : 58 (10.92%)
    Skeletal Stalwart: 1598 : 18 (3.4%)
    Cleric lvl 27: 523 : 5 (1.11%)
    Critical Hits:
    Warrior lvl 27: 12.11% of 8527 damage | 4.5% of 111 attacks
    Mage lvl 25: 8.96% of 5252 damage | 6.34% of 63 attacks
    Rogue lvl 26: 22.73% of 10928 damage | 10.71% of 84 attacks
    Lafarius: 36.93% of 14987 damage | 21.91% of 73 attacks
    Greater Air Elemental: 14.15% of 5130 damage | 9.37% of 32 attacks

    The above was with the spider boss, but also showed abit more of how with AoE targets the Greater Air shot up to almost 60dps. I show these only to show that elementalist pets are viable as a solid source of additional damage, and should continue to climb.

    Regardless of the thought, I know the elementalist is mostly about pets, much to the distinction made by some players. Elementalist's points, if heavily invested, will yield mostly to pets, followed by both crit and crit dmg, along with utility of regeneration of mana and charge. Finally, it offers a shield with 15% elemental damage coupled with a 30 second debuff if specced for an additional 10% dmg via earth/air/fire/water. While I do understand that elementalist might be viewed as a lackluster soul, I see it very much as a support soul for a DPS arsenal of stormcaller or Pyromancer. The buffing of pets along the way to the 31 point ability and the 15% elemental dmg+15% charge gain increase works well. To whomever might be compelled to think otherwise via memory of other testers as to the pets feeling nigh worthless, I wanted to show some data that says otherwise. I also welcome conflicting data in return if you have any.
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    Not much of a one for stats myself, but I do know the GE pet is very powerful tank. It enables solo players to do some dungeons if they are good/careful. this alone makes them worth the effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tasogie View Post
    Not much of a one for stats myself, but I do know the GE pet is very powerful tank. It enables solo players to do some dungeons if they are good/careful. this alone makes them worth the effort.
    The pet with improved pet channel heal makes soloing alot very easy, if you are smart. Is all it does, but it does it very very well.

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