I am playing a Guardian High Elf which I am really enjoying. I am a long time EQ2 player and I keep trying to remind myself this is not EQ2 so it will be different. During beta I tried a few different things but wondering if I am getting the most out of my characters and hopeing for some advice.

For my cleric I went Druid>Warden>Shaman. I enjoy playing a healer and in EQ2 I always play a fury. I want to be able to solo but at the same time heal in groups or when doing rifts. I want to be able to revive when someone goes down but at the sametime do some decent dps. I really enjoy the melee of the druid and the water spells of the Warden (nothing like knocking something back 30m with a wave). The Shaman I am just not sure about.

I decided to give ranger a go and have to admit I am having a blast with it. I went Ranger>Marksman>Assassin. I am looking for the ability to invis since I am so use to having it with my fury and with my conj in EQ. I want to be able to do decent damage long range let my pet get the worst of it but when my pet comes down I want to be able to kick some rear end. What would you recommend?

My last character I tried was a Beastmaster>Champion>? for my last choice I just do not know what to pick. I have never played a tank type so just not sure what I should try. I would like to be able to duel wield, get the most out of my hits and if possible maybe heal myself.

Thank you for your time