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Thread: Anyone Try Beastmaster, Paragon, Reaver?

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    Default Anyone Try Beastmaster, Paragon, Reaver?

    I just watched the new Rift Warrior video on gametrailers.com and they showed a Beastmaster (25), Paragon (16), and Reaver (10) spec for soloing which is what I want to be good at. My question is has anyone giving this or a similar configuration a try in beta? In beta I had no idea what I was doing and tried a warrior that used champ, warlord, and paladin but I didn't really care for it since I couldn't tank that well as i was using 2 handers instead of a shield and I don't think my damage was anything special. I also noticed the PVP build they recommend in the video as Champ/Riftblade/Void Knight, would this work as a good solo class too? Any thoughts on a really good warrior solo build that could still be good at dps in groups?
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    Hello ,
    I tried the BM/Paladin/Warlord combo and was happy with it. I wasnt able to reach the higher levels but for what I was working on this combo worked well. Epic targets were a bit too much for me but other than that the BM was up to the task.

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    i played beastmaster / warlord / champion latest beta.

    I got to lvl 23

    This was a nice mix, i mostly went champion for pvp and beastmaster for pve

    At higher lvl when u can afford both points in all trees i think it will be a good combo.

    the lvl 21 pet gets a snare on the charge attack which is really nice.

    One big let down is that the lvl 21 pet looks exactly like the lvl 1 :/
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