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Thread: havnt gotten a chance yet

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    Default havnt gotten a chance yet

    So i havnt gotten a chance to play yet but trying to find out as much as possible about the game before i get my hands on it.
    Sorry if this is a newb question but here it goes, how do the classes and callings work with crossing them and what not, can you cross callings outside your classes like warrior cleric or caster rogue or you can only work within that class and cross 3 callings within the rogue class.

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    Arch types can not be crossed, Cleric, Rouge, Mage, Warrior

    Within each archtype you have souls (think of them as talent trees or specalized classes) you can have up to three + a pvp soul mixed and matched as you like but are limited to how far you can take each one due to having a static number of points to place that unlock skills. You can easily max one soul or split them between three. In the end its looking like though in game coin and questing/pvp you will be able to unlock all the souls in your archtype and mix and match as you see fit.

    Hope this helps, feel free to ask anything else.

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