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Thread: Feedback on my beta experience with Shaman and Warden

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    Default Feedback on my beta experience with Shaman and Warden

    I'll start off by saying this was my first beta event with Rift, (being beta 4) I really enjoyed the gameplay and the visuals of the rifts themselves tearing open.

    I'll start by talking about my thoughts on Shaman.

    I enjoyed playing this as my first character and role. I really liked the animation of there Glacial Shield. I didnt have too many problems playing as a Shaman questing or rifting really. Once I got to around 20 I started to see mana issues if you will, I'm not sure but as I was leveling I recalled having over 1k mana and once I got to around 20 my mana pool actually was less. I didnt keep track of my gear at these times so not sure how I actually started to lose mana. I did notice as I got better gear my mana issues started to even out more so.

    The melee aspect of Shaman too me seemed kind of weak in the animations and the overall abilities to use. I really found myself just using 3 melee abilities ( Crushing Blow, Lightning hammer, and then Massive Blow) I found myself using Crushing Blow every chance I got once I was able to pickup Long Memory (Your Crushing Blow has a (15/30)% chance to reset the cooldown of Massive Blow in case you didnt know what it did) I paired this class with Warden and Sentinel mainly for the instant heal and HoT. I played around with all the other cleric classes with Shaman and still felt Warden and Sentinel to be the best for survival. Again I still really enjoyed playing this class/role and it will probably be my first choice come launch.

    Now to talk about Warden

    I decided to try Warden as a main healer role with Purifier and Sentinel as my other two choices with it.

    I honestly enjoyed playing as a Warden main, I've always liked HoT's and this is definitely that class for that.
    I did have some issues healing multiple people for massive amounts of damage at once at first but, once I got the hang of using all of my abilities/tools it got alot better. I only found two things that seemed like maybe they needed to be looked at. First being Orbs of the Stream (Surrounds the ally with 3 orbs. When the ally takes damage, an orb explodes, healling them for 194 to 199 Health) I like this spell alot but 3 orbs kinda limits its use with the 45 second cooldown. I think it would be better used if the orbs procced on a certain amount of health. Like if the ally/caster drops to 50% or lower then this would provide the Warden with more comfort when healing, cause this class has issues with huge spike damage in my opinion.

    The second spell/ability I'm gonna talk about is Deluge (Immerses the ally in revitalizing waters, healing them for 96 to 100 health in addition to 20 health for each active heal over time effect on the ally, up to a maximum of 6) I really really like this spell/ability my only thing that I had a problem with wasn't this itself but with the talent Still Waters (Reduces the cooldown of your Deluge by (1/2/3) seconds) I'm not sure if its just a tooltip error or the talent itself wasnt working but even maxing the talent out the tooltip continued to show it being an 8 second cooldown. I didnt have enough time to really test this, I know thats kinda sad but by the time I really tried out healing in this beta event I didnt have much time left to play RL work and all...... I'm hoping it was just a tooltip error but again didnt get the chance to test it.

    All and all I really enjoyed this game and the classes I had a chance to play!!
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