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Thread: A couple of Reaver DPS/Soloing builds.

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    Default A couple of Reaver DPS/Soloing builds.

    I've been poking around with the Reaver for a little while and I've cooked up a couple of builds. Their purpose is to produce quite alright DPS while utilizing the Reaver tree and to be able to solo harder mobs/larger packs.

    The first one is a Paragon/Reaver/Champion.


    This is a crit centered build, it wants to keep its crit rating high so it can crit even more. Critting DoTs hurt so we want to apply the DoTs after we've build up our crit procs.

    Routine while soloing large packs: Charge in, let Entropic Embrace stack up and make sure Double Jeopardy and Flowing Strike is up. Now quickly cast Plague Bringer on your main target and then drop all of your DoTs. Now use attacks like Path of the Hurricane, Mighty Blow and Cyclone Strike to chop up the decaying mobs, and make sure to keep using Dual Strike from time to time to keep your crit up. All the while enjoying the healing effects of AoE Soul Sickness specced with Soul Feast/Devour.

    The second one is a Paragon/Reaver/Paladin.


    This is essentially the same thing but with an Oh Sh*t heal to boot and some more armor/endurance. But it misses the guaranteed crit after a parried/dodged strike, some dps on builders/finishers and one AoE ability from the Champ tree.

    I don't know how these would work in practice, obviously. But they sound like they could be a lot of fun on paper. Comments are welcome.
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    My main build is a paragon/reaver/paladin, it is a little different from yours since i have 16 points into paladin and a little less in paragon but looks good.
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