Hi all,

I am totally sold on Rift and have already subscribed. Unfortunately I could only play last Saturday/Sunday and made it to level 14 as Lock/Necro/Dom.

I know, there won't be a real answer to my question since nobody knows yet, but I am still not too sure what to play. Maybe some experienced beta players can help me?

Of course I want to fill all 4 roles as a mage, so I want the following:

High DPS PvE-Spec 1:
I want Pyro as the primary soul, supplemented by Elementalist and then maybe Archon?

High DPS PvE-Spec
Warlock/Necro combo for WoW's old times sake, but again the question about the third soul? Archon or Dom for the free sheep?

PvE support spec
The best idea I have seen in Rift so far, being able to be a support healer. I am pretty sure that Chloro/Dom/Archon is the way to go to provide maximum support.

PvP spec:
I think Archmage is necessary, I couldn't do PvP without an "insignia". Dominator 26 pints has a three-second stun and more annoying stuff, sounds great. Now the question Warlock or Necro, or maybe even Pyro? The goal is to kill as many players as possible.

I know, this may have been asked million times before, but help would really be appreciated.