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Thread: A Few Questions on Warr Tank Talents & Mob/Boss Crits

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    Default A Few Questions on Warr Tank Talents & Mob/Boss Crits

    1. What does the Warlord's Rapid Recovery health regen buff affect? To me I'm thinking out of combat stuff which don't think
    this is the case. Health regen....don't know what this applies to in Rift.

    2. Can tanks be crit upon or what are the factors of crits from PvE mobs? Looking at the That Which Doesn't Kill Me and wonder if
    it would have uses in PvE or if it's a strictly PvP ability. What is this games crit mechanic in PvE?

    3. Is there a discussion about the 51 point root skill a bit extreme? I'm working on a deep Reaver/Warlord tank build and that 51
    pointer debuff for Reavers looks pretty darn nice however I'd have to fill out the entire tree which just don't see the merit
    when I can pick upp a lot more buffs from other trees that'll far surpass that 10% hit reduction debuff.

    4. Do all debuffs stack? Is it only the most powereful debuff of that type affect the mob, or do different values stack, or what?
    Like there are numerous hit % chance reduction. Like Reaver's Blood Fever 5% reduction stacking with other 5% hit chance
    reductions or if paired with Flesh Rot's 10% reduction do they stack or is the highest value taken. Same goes with Reaver's
    Imbued Armor's 5% dmg reduction and the Warlord's Intimidating 5% melee dmg reduction. There is a crap load of debuffs
    and buffs which I'd imagine they don't all stack upon each other.

    Working on a Reaver self healing paired with the Warlords heal buffs kind of tank build. Know this stuff is lvl cap oriented so prolly too early to ask advise on but any help in the matter is much apprech.
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