Rift Cb 4 was an incredibly fun couple of days, I had more time to test some different healing builds and will link the two main specs i used for instance healing and rift/pvp healing.

Sentinel/Warden/Purifier 26/10/0


This is actually the second last build i tried, the last build which i forgot to ss, moved 2 points from Fluidity into Surging Rapids in Warden tree, so instant heals up by 10% and hots by 6%. This build worked well for healing in instances.

Warden/Sentinel/Templar 26/5/5


Warfront healing was an absolute blast! Multiple hots then hit Ripple and Healing Flood and most groups are topped up easily! Survivability is high since i can hot myself, instant heal, and have Orbs up, also used mace and shield. I used this build for rift groups as well swapping mace/shield for 2 hander.

Justicar/Shaman/Druid 21/10/5


Used this for leveling mostly and once in DM, the dps was ok and provided decent backup heals for the group. Build is adequate for questing imo, i kill stuff quick and can self heal

All comments, flames, questions are welcomed


PS shout out to Nerfed!