It seems to me that the race / class structure as described, sounds very similar to the EQ2 model. Now don't get me wrong, I loved EQ2 and raided there for over 4 years, but do you guys remember all the strife that came about as a result of the racial traits? I'm wondering if Trion is just asking for trouble down the road. IE: People liked the dark elf racial DPS buff, but they were Freeport only, so they had to put the betrayal system in place so people could play a Dark Elf Swashie, or an Arasai Chanter for the crit boost, etc..

I would just hate to see them get into the same mess down the road that SOE did with that system which on paper looked very cool, but then in practice had some members of the playing community whining, then they were forced to implement betrayals and eventually completely overhaul the racial trait system as a result of perceived racial balance issues.

If this has already been addressed in some way I'm unaware of, or if any of my notions of how Rift is to be designed are off-base, I apologize. I just recently was made aware of this title and am playing catch-up. It's lookin' sweet and I'm really looking forward to it btw!