just some revamps of abilities that I would like to see:

- Bitter Wind (38 points into Shaman)
Now additionally deals weapon + air damage
Reduce range from 30 to 10
Reduce cooldown from 30 to 15

- Censure (8 points into Justicar)
Interrupts the target's casting
Increase cooldown to 15 seconds from 6
Increase mana cost to 45 from 17
Change it so that it does not run on a global cooldown

(they should share a 6 second cooldown with each other and any other cleric interrupts, much like how interrupts from other classes)

What does this do?
- Cleric tanks have an interrupt and can be used in PVE boss fights much more often, besides censure doesn't stack with other debuffs currently, and it's less damage than strike of judgement. Censure is currently a worthless ability.
- Senticars have more utility and can be extra useful in PVE boss fights if they can interrupt bosses like in GP or DH where it's essential for the fights.
- Cleric dps now have a non gcd ability that deals damage, clerics are behind currently in dps because rogues and warriors have abilities that run without gcds, this isn't the only reason why clerics are behind, but it is one of them.