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Thread: Where's our heals or survivability?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chomag View Post
    Because you're rank 7 and are outgearing 7/10 players by galaxies ?
    Not even full rank 6 gear (still like getting one ring).
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    This ****'s so sad. Only FoTm bads are having struggling with warriors. It's just like when pyro got nerfed all the bad mages were crying. If you want to just spam 1-2 marco's and be unstoppable your probably going to be bad whenever things get balanced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shurien View Post
    Tell me if I'm wrong but all I can see during the last posts is "If you're having trouble playing a warrior then you are plain bad."

    Well what kind of argument is that? Why is he bad? Because he's not using the OP build? So he is bad if he doesn't play the one OP thing that's possible to play? Does someone 'MUST' spec an OP build to be able to be decent? What if I don't want to do that? I like my current build I don't want to spec into something that everybody else is using that just ruins the fun of adding your own personal touch to your builds, does that make me a useless asset?

    Sometimes I seriously WTF the logical mindset of some of the people on the forums.
    In this game itís their way or the solo way. Sadly my last guild and present guild says you canít raid or do pvp unless you do the cookie cutter roles. Since my gear sucks and donít like to be told what to do, I went solo.
    That is the sad fact. MMo has bullies and like to force there way onto other people. Thus, yes to your question.

    Now my take


    In all reality there are players that just suck. That in fact they suck so bad they go on forums and holler nerf this or that class/ability. These people could not play a game to save their soul.

    I for one says this to all that say nerf a class. Learn to play you calling. Trion has made it possible for you to only push two buttons. But that was not good enough for a person. Nope, they want to make an easy kill.

    Trion in its wisdom actually paid attention to you and nerf pvp heals. Now to find one heals in pvp is a miracle. The sad thing is Trion you are never going to make this guy happy. The reason is simple they suck at playing the game. Yes, you heard me they suck.

    I for one Iím sick of hearing people say nerf this class. This ended killing mages and cc in game. Rouge now only got a 75 % chance of killing you in fewer than 25 sec and warriors only an 85 % killing you less than 25 seconds.

    The problem is this game does not force people to actually get skill. Nope get enough valor and you are golden. It takes no skill at all once a person at rank 7 to kill a person. Those who have no skill well they get killed by an lv 40 and he/she is level 50.

    The sad thing is mmo tend to bring the mean spirited people who excel at exploiting there class. I have seen warriors stun a person till dead; rogues sap/stun a person till dead. In fact they could not even get a shot off. That what these people are complaining about, these ultra skilled people.

    What few donít realizes that not all of us skilled. By reducing dps/heals/effects and making it harder for us less skilled players. These quite majorities donít complain we just go some were else. So, Trion pay attention and stop letting these small majorities ruin a game.

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