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Thread: Warrior vs Mage vs Rogue vs Cleric

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    Default Warrior vs Mage vs Rogue vs Cleric

    So I am in a little predicament, I have a 50 rog 40 war 43 mage and 43 Cleric. I am not looking for FoTM classes I am just looking for sustained pleasure in playing. I love PvP but cannot seem to find something I want to play, I was looking for advice or just anything from anyone regarding these classes. I want to pick one and stick with it. I know all have their strengths and weakness.

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    i can't speak for warriors or rogues but i do have a raid geared cleric and mage

    i started with mage but i play cleric more and more recently. clerics to me are simply more fun, not because they excel at any one role but because they are so versatile.

    my 5 roles are as such

    dps, minor raid healing - shamicar
    raid healing, minor dps, pvp healing - senticar
    tank healer - purifier
    pvp dps - cabalist
    tank - justicar

    basicly i can do anything i want and thats what keeps me interested
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    Rogues are extremely versatile and can fill in pretty much any role. The only thing they lack is a dedicated healing soul but Raids and Warfront Premades will love the buffs, debuffs and off-healing that Bards offer nonetheless.

    With my roles on Rogue it goes something like this:

    Role 1: Nightblade44/Inf10/MM12 aka "Gunblade Spec" for PvP. Very fun spec and has a lot of damage and survivability (until a Warrior looks at you funny while Blackout is on CD and you die in 1CD and the inevitable off-CD spam if you somehow survive the first hit)
    Role 2: 51 Riftstalker for Raid Tanking and stone running
    Role 3: "Sabodancer" for Raid DPS
    Role 4: "TankBard" for PvP support and generally being annoying in Black Garden. Gives okay support in raids but since the guild already has a dedicated 51 Bard then it's not needed as much as it is for Premades.
    Role 5: Gets rotated depending on what I need. Usually it's Bladedancer/Rift.Assassin for soloing, 51Assassin for ganking on Codex/Scion/Whitefall when solo favour farming or a MM build for when there's too many Warriors in the WFs tonight to even think of getting near the Defiant lines.
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    OP, it depends on what your playstyle is. However, if you are competative in nature, avoid the rog. The only thing they could be considered best at is support when barding. Otherwise,

    Warr if you wanna dps and/or tank
    Cleric if you wanna heal
    Mage if you wann have true versitility

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