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Thread: [PvP] SnB weapon choices?

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    Default [PvP] SnB weapon choices?

    I am currently specced as SnB for pvp, a variation on Kronos V's Rift/Pally build.
    I am soon to be 50 and was looking to purchasing all of the rank 1 gear so I can at least have something when I hit 50. The problem is I'm not sure I really understand which weapon I'm supposed to get.

    The sword has more strength, and more "weapon damage" (due to it being slower), while the dagger has more dex, and phys crit.

    Knowing that ability damage is based off "weapon +" or 140% of weapon damage.... Does that increase in dmg out weigh the amount of crit you gain from wielding a dagger? Cause crit procs things like 10 nrg over time + 10 nrg from planar blade, and the off GCD attack. While the strength + increased weapon damage will give more sustained damage.

    Thoughts, Calculus equations, Flaming, Trolling, Answers... All welcome!

    Edit: If anyone can tell me how to move this to warrior thread ... that would be great too lol
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