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Thread: How does Ancient Soulstone work?

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    Default How does Ancient Soulstone work?

    Does the greater add 18 to the base dmg of consumed decay's essentially doubling dmg, or do it just increase the end dmg by 18?

    FOr example would this soulstone add 54 dmg to obliterates, becasue decays are tripled?

    I'm trying to find reason why this greater might be gd, before filling in the last 2 spots of my source engine.

    I'm using cab a lot more after the patch, and wondering if a dedicated engine would be worth it.

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    Just a guess, but since alot of the greaters do it, I assume its +18 at the end. Say your decay hits for 100, then it'd hit for 118. Crit for 200? It'd hit for 218.

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