OK, just dinged 48 running SOZU's MM / Ranger / Sin Rogue build; it's fun, but I get absolutely decimated in PvP by anything that gets in melee on me. I've been thinking about changing the build or rolling a Warrior - or should I just wait to hit 50 since it "all changes at 50"?

I like to play from range, but this is my 1st PC game (I'm a consoler), so I'm no good at kiting and I am not interested in swapping to a melee Rogue to go tazmanian devil with my attacks. I know it sounds boring, but I'm perfectly content to trade blows with minimal movement. If I stay Rogue, it would definitely need to be of a MM / Ranger flavor and I was thinking of Sab as the 3rd soul so that I could maybe set up a perimeter around myself to help with rushers. Are there any other builds available for ranged DPS Rogue that enhances survivability??

The Warrior didn't initially appeal to me as I wasn't interested in tanking, but the fact that they can do comparable DPS as a Rogue and have better survivability, well..

If I roll a Warrior, it would be a DPS warrior and I would like to have some ranged attacks involved. Maybe something along the lines of 38 Para / 21 BM (I like my pets) / 7 RB ?? I think Champ would need to be involved for Lingering Wounds. I would also be looking at either 2H or Sword and Board. It does seem, also, that my guild is in need of tanks, but I am dreading re-doing the grind to 50 again..

Thoughts, suggestions on this Warrior build? (Remember, it would be with 2H or Sword and Board) : http://seelenplaner.telara.net/#warr...0021;7,0510521

Thank you in advance for any Help / Suggestions / Direction on how to maintain ranged DPS without kiting and without being squishy..