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Thread: Where's the Pet class

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    Default Where's the Pet class

    Hi all, new to the forums. Rift looks extremely promising! im hyping myself up already. While I'm still learning about the classes and lore I was wondering if there is a way to build a pet class in the game. Also I hear rumors of a bard. One of my favorite but ineffective things to do on my DAOC minstrel was Charm a Pet and solo with them. Any good word a charm spell for bards?

    Thx all
    I just made a post!

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    So far confirmed as having pets are the Elementalist, Ranger and Beastmaster which come under the Mage, Scout and Warrior callings respectively, so there will be plenty to choose from!

    Far as bards go a lot of us are hoping one is announced soon, there was a glimpse of the word bard in a video from E3, but nothing official has been said yet by Trion.
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