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Thread: Specs for an occassion or a new toy to play with

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    Default Specs for an occassion or a new toy to play with

    So, with all these player-tested specs that have been found efficient and newcomers are trying to emulate them, I've found that most of the time they are really focussed on toward the end-game content/type of play. So for all you hardworking players and testers that are putting these specs on the forums for all of us to enjoy, I have an idea to make the threads more accessible to newer and lower leveled players. It would really be beneficial for everyone to list the key abilities/skills that a spec uses to get the hang of, when and what does a spec need to be able to work, so a lower level player would be able to determine, if he is able or not to use such a spec. Now I know some of the posts do have these listed but majority are focused more on macros and such.

    Much appreciate all your hard work towards putting viable specs in attention of all of us. This is just a possible improvement of an existing layout of which these builds are produced here.
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