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Thread: Weapon & Totem vs Staff?

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    Default Weapon & Totem vs Staff?

    Letting you know right away that I'm pretty much a total noob to all RPG & fantasy games.

    So I scored a pretty sweet staff off one of the treasure map deals, and I have been using it because when I look at the stats of it vs the stats of the totem & weapon it beats it hands down. However when I inspect all the L50 mage, they all have a totem & weapon. Now am I doing something completely wrong or did I just score a really sweet staff that I should keep using till I find a weapon and totem combo that will beat it?

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    I personally use a staff, but that is because I dislike totem/book/weapons...mages need staffs dangit xD However, that is my personal preferance with no regard to stats or effeciency, so feel free to ignore me xD

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    Use the best stats available to you.

    If that's a staff use a staff. If that's 1h + totem then use that.

    The only time the type of weapon actually matters is when your skills require a specific weapon layout (2h, shield, dual wield, etc), especially after weapon procs are normalized.
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    Seems to be that a staff upgrade is most likely going to happen when you first get to higher content. As you stay in the same area getting drops, a totem and offhand will eventually fall that when combined are better than the staff. I currently have BiS for staff, main, and totem for T2 drops. The main hand and totem offer more stats and also allow for two runes that equal more spell power than 1 rune on staff.

    I normally run with staff though. You have to wait for just the right combination for main and off hand to be better than a good staff.

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