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Thread: What is needed the most?

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    Default What is needed the most?

    what are needed the most in rift atm
    like is there to many dps, and not enough tanks, or to many supports not enough healers etc etc?

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    For fresh 50's grinding dungeons, there will always be a shortage of healers and tanks.

    For raids, you would almost never, ever have a fresh 50 for healer or tank.

    Many raids you'll see greener players playing Bard or Archon since most of their contributions are gear independent.

    Warriors will likely start out as generic DPS, it's high DPS with minimal gear requires and has a simple macro.

    Clerics are by far the hardest to start raiding since you need to be over geared to put out solid DPS numbers, way over geared to tank anything, and have a lot of experience to demonstrate you know how to raid heal

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    Tanks Tanks Tanks Tanks and Tanks.

    Edit: For raiding, its usually mages right now because they're busy crying into their pillow instead of logging on
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