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Thread: Class question for the experienced

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    Default Class question for the experienced

    Is each character limited to just three souls? So, when you change roles, you can only mix and match those three souls? Or, can each character acquire all eight souls(9 including the pvp soul)?

    The reason I ask is because I don’t want to start up several separate Cleric classes just to experiment with all 8 soul combinations!

    Hope someone can help… thanks….

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    Yes, you can have all 8 souls. However you may only have 3 active at a time. It costs a small amount of gold to reset them in order to pick a new set, and you can purchase new "roles" that you can hot swap between.
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    As above - you can get quests at level 13 to pick up the souls you don't have so far (plus 2500 favor buys you the pvp soul) - this is due to change in 1.4 so you can just purchase them from your class trainer (asssuming at lev 13 still). You can buy up to 5 roles that have a combination of any 3 souls to suit your playstyle

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