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Thread: PURE CC class/cross-breed

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    Default PURE CC class/cross-breed

    Will this be possible? Speccing a character for pure raid utility, like Allods' Psionicist or Guild Wars' Mesmer?

    Would you like it to be? I sure do.

    I hope the CC's in this game are properly done, unlike AoC. In AoC you had very very short duration on CC's, from the menial 3s knockback to the slightly less menial 6s fear or stun. In AoC groups CC'ed together when needed by chaining their CC's and IMO I would rather have 1 class that has all the abilities, with longer durations.

    For example, Psionicist in Allods had a 1 minute hypnotize effect, which froze the mob in place, a 5s shockwave to give time to mental link (prerequisite for the CC abilities) and they were also an above average DPS class. They were the most awesome class I've seen. Of course, they were pretty squishy.

    In PvP, these abilities were duration-reduced based on receiving player's willpower.

    Mages also had a nice Ice Cage CC, which randomly lasted for 30s~1m, and could sometimes fizzle and fail.

    EDIT: Which of the souls seem more likely to be this class. I think warlock or purifier to be the closest from general appearance.
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    The devs have said there will be advanced classes that will be tough to play solo but will really shine when in a group. I have no doubts that there will be a soul in this vein.

    I'd have no issues with it having virtually no offensive ability, but powerful group buffing and crowd control abilities. Want a bit more bang bang? Blend in a bit of another class and sacrifice your best cc and buffs for a fireball...

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    I guess with all the diversifiaction possible due to the soul system, we will see many different builds. Especially when it comes to raiding, support will play a very important role. being able to load 3-4 different specs when out of combat, CC will definitely be a sideorder for many a raider.

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