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Thread: Trion soul suggestions?

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    Default Trion soul suggestions?

    Looking at the various class forums, I'm noticing that a number of the soul combos that Trion "recommends" when you're first leveling are being routinely ridiculed-

    Is Trion just that "clueless" when it comes to soul/ class mechanics, is It just the difference between needs while leveling vs. End-game, or something else?


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    I'm not gonna go through every soul but looking over my four warrior roles, two tank / two dps, the suggested pairings of my 'main' soul of each are exactly what i'm using atm. maybe other callings are worse? or it could be due to various changes that have been made to the souls in patches have changed the dynamics of various soul combos since the suggested pairings were written, and the suggestions haven't been updated
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