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Thread: Paragon/Beastmaster/Riftblade Raid End game (PVE) Instance Spec

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    Default Paragon/Beastmaster/Riftblade Raid End game (PVE) Instance Spec

    Please give me some thoughts i am level 40 and i will be 50 by the end of next week. I do not do macros i like to play my character not press two buttons and let my macros do all the work for me. I actually want to play my character. I know i will get some blasts for saying this and this play style might bite me in the butt when it comes to raiding but i don't understand why people would want the computer to do the work for there character.

    Also, I understand this is a burst dmg build and quick attacks i don't want to use dagger but from what i understand they are the best for raiding dual wield.

    I also leveling all the way to 40 with a very similar build and have instanced with this many times few less points obviously.

    Heres what i am thinking:


    Now, The beastmaster spec allows me to give some raid utility in the fact of all my bonds. Also the pet is nice added DPS (his attacks plus 5% extra dmg) if i can pay attention to him during heated fights and keep him alive. Also, his bleed dmg from what i understand at upper levels is nasty with Fleshrip and Stike to Maim at Backhanded blow every 10 seconds can be pretty nice crit wise.

    -On to Paragon, Right off the bat i have a nice combo working for me Flowing Strikes, Double Jeopardy allowing me to keep crit rate high and even higher with way of the river if my gear doesn't make up for the needed crit. I am not sure which will be better at end game Way of the River or Way of the Wind a little advice would be awesome otherwise i will just trial and error it.
    *-Weapon Master and Shifting blades make for a sick combo Shifting blades, Dual Strike, Rise of Waterfall and reaping harvest. Usually by the time i use Rise of the Waterfall Weapon Master has allowed me to have Three points for a Reaping Harvest which can create great crits with a nice 75% secondary crit from 1 move use.
    *- Weapon Master also allows me to take huge advantage of Strike Like Iron and Shifting Blades combos. Now i know this won't be a feasible usage all the time consdering they have a 3 second cool down difference but as long as i use Strike Like Iron before Shifting Blades i can tailor a play style to give me the two stacked as much as possible for hopefully huge crits and great burst damage. Now, i know some of you are thinking well you are giving up dmg by now using reaping harvest as much as possible trying to time those two moves. This will be something i have to use and trial out to see if i need to keep them together or just pop each of them whenever cool down is ready.

    Third for those battles where i am gonna be forced to leave melee range i have Path of wind, Path of the Raptor, and Path of the Tempest. Now, Same combo system as previously stated and this will hopefully keep my dps coming.

    Riftblade obviously just for Storm blade nothing more.

    If you guys could give me some pointers i would greatly appreciate it or even just some ideas of actually play style from your experience. I don't want a cookie cutter build like telling me i need to go all the way up with Riftblade. I need good quality advice to this build. Thanks everyone hope to see alot of poists.

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    I know you don't want a cookie cutter but if you really want to get the most of your dps and be the most beneficial to the raid you'll want to use one of the specs listed.

    As for your build, the shared bonds will not stack with Archon buffs which are better(and should always be in a raid).

    if dual wielding you do not want to use rising waterfall at all(dual strike will out damage it with that build).

    You'll want to put max out natural instincts and keep fierce strike up 100%

    Max out primal fury for pet crit

    I'd recommend putting 2 pts into RB since fiery burst will out damage your other finishers(may want to put 6/7 into RB for surging energy since that build looks pretty power starved).

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