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Thread: Some questions about the melee classes

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    Default Some questions about the melee classes


    Since I prefer the mage for a ranged class, i cannot decide which class is should take when it comes to a melee character. As a matter of fact I don't like a passive, defensive playstyle, like tanks have.
    I have a question about the rogue, are they allowed to use a 2 handed weapon ?
    Is there a rogue class which can stun a lot ?
    Are offensive clerics are allowed to use a 2handed sword ? So far i only saw shamans with a 2h mace.
    Maybe you have some other facts for me, which would make the decision easier

    Thanks :P

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    Rogues cannot use 2-handed weapons.

    Check out the skill list at http://rift.zam.com/en/abilitylist.html?calling=Rogue for a list of all rogue abilities and which soul grants them.

    Clerics cannot use sword, only maces.

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