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Thread: Gear conflict and stat weight: Warrior gear vs. Rogue gear

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    Default Gear conflict and stat weight: Warrior gear vs. Rogue gear


    This above post outlines the reasons why DW warriors are now topping DPS charts for their class and due to the changes made to paragon, warriors now need high crit/high dex weapons, namely leather and daggers, in order to optimize dps.

    This causes problems because now warriors are forced to bridge into rolling on gear specifically designed with high dex in order to maximize their DPS potential. Many of the weapons designed for rogues, such as Majolic's Bloody Shiv, Blade of the Architect, Eyemangler, the Weeping Edge, and other weapons that would have normally screamed "rogue" are now the BiS 1h weapons for warriors.

    Although there are weapons in the game that are "designed" for warriors due to having high STR values, they simply do not carry as much stat weigh as rogue designed weapons.

    This leads to conflict in gearing, as both melee classes need fast and high dex daggers and leather as BiS gear. Many rogues do not understand how GOOD "rogue" gear is for warriors, leading to fall outs in random groups when warriors take rogue gear (which according to stat weight, they are now justified in doing for patch 1.3).

    Gear itemization between rogues are warriors has never been as bad as it is now, to the point where raid-level warriors don't even want gear that is designed for them.

    Because of this, it is obvious that STR weapon and warrior plate itemization needs to be looked at in order to make it a more attractive draw to the new ranks of 1.3 PvE dw warriors.

    This thread is to make the issue known and look for community solutions as to how gear itemization can be improved between these two classes to lessen competition and improve warriors and rogues respectively.

    Both classes need 2 good 1h weapons and leather in order to maximize potential. With most groups having at least 2-3 warriors and bards, gear competition between these classes now becomes very fierce, leading to party breaks and many angry rogues who do not understand itemization and do not understand that their gear is just as good for warriors as it is for them.

    This also leaves many "warrior" items badly itemized and disregarded by warriors who are trying to push the best numbers for their raid environment.

    Something definitely must be done about this. There is nothing about warrior designed gear that makes it more attractive to our class than rogue gear. Also, rogues have a very limited pool of DPS gear to draw from, which warriors are now forced to dip into. Out of an ocean of gear, both classes are both forced to take from one little pool to be the best that they can.

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    The following is a spreadsheet that shows the stat weight and BiS gear (credited to boltswiki):


    You will notice that the BiS gear and top ranking gear for warriors is mainly leather and daggers at the high end spectrum.

    In essence, 1.3 has made warriors classic R.I.P.ers (Rogues in Plate), only that we are better off NOT wearing plate...
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