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    Hi i am pretty new to mmo's as a whole. I am having a problem with choices I know what I want to be able to do but not sure what to pick or how to spec to make it happen. I really liked the captain class in LOTRO one of the only other games I have played. What I am asking is what would be similar I liked being a toolbox class I could do a little of everything dps heal crowd control and offtank. I know I was not the best at any of those but I liked to be able to switch on the fly. What calling and class spec could get me similar results. PS I prefer melee classes

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    Sounds like you want a cleric to me.Justicar/shaman/inq would be a good start for what you are asking for

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    Well clerics probably are the best choice for you then, since they have soul combinations for all roles - heal, tank and dps. And they have a good split of melee and caster souls.

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    I played a captain on Lotro myself (favorite class ever). For a 5man dungeon no one asks for a "captain" like they did in lotro. They want a buffer for raids, but not 5man.

    In my mind there is not a class in this game that compares to playing a captain.
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