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Thread: Skill system so far..

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    Default Skill system so far..

    The latest article over at Ten Ton Hammer had some interesting new bits of information on how the spells/skills worked.

    The cards you apply provide you with a sort of talent tree which you spend a limited amount of points on its various units. These units will in turn provide you with spells or skills appropriate for that soul. Each of these individual spells or skills can be trained up for money in town at some sort of trainer?

    This sounds promising in that it is adding a bit more strategy in the actual construction of your character rather that a straight up tree. Depends on how the training actually works though, what are the restrictions. Is it all tied to your level so that you are just ranking spells to keep them level appropriate? Has anyone seen anything in screen shots or other articles that give more hints?

    Curiouser and curiouser...

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    Please refer to telarapedia . It will tell you how the system works.

    Agree that the system is promising

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    Maybe this also helps:

    - Rift Feature Guide

    - Ascended Class System Video

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