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Thread: Couple questions on Riftblade + Reaver skills.

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    Default Couple questions on Riftblade + Reaver skills.

    I'm looking to make a fun AOE spec and also one that can tank rifts (not dungeons, I'll use a real tank spec for that).

    Here is the Riftblade/Reaver/Pally spec I came up with:


    I had a couple questions:

    Does Rift Fury increase Reaver DoTs damage?
    Can DoT's crit? If so do they always return 10 Energy from Planar Blade?
    How does Entropic Embrace work? The tooltip is rather vague and I've never played Reaver.
    Does Avatar of Water stack with other damage reducing effects like Imbued Armor and Power from the Masses?


    Edit: One more: Does Elemental Touch trigger from each DoT application? Will it hit every enemy if I spread my DoTs with Plague Bringer?
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    1) Yes. Though if you're looking for self heals from the DoT's you really need SLI.
    2) Yes. Only the initial hit can proc it.
    3) When you take damage you get a buff on you that lasts 10-20 seconds (I don't pay that much attention to it) that increases your Death Damage.
    4) Yes.
    5) Every time you apply your DoTs it will proc, if I remember correctly all the enemies to get hit by it when using Plague Bringer (I usually have a lot of numbers and don't pay much attention)
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    If you're just doing rift farming:

    You don't need the threat talents. Put them in damage.

    I'd recommend 11 pts in Pal for Martial Shield (You'll be swimming in full stacks if you have high block, blow your extra stacks on Fiery Burst, it's off global and more than doubles your single target dps). You also get the full heal 10 pts too, very worth it for this kind of stuff.
    If you're wondering where to get the points, 32 in Reaver really isn't necessary, you can substitute Master of the Abyss for Creeping Death and save a few points in the tree.

    Unrelenting and Earth Burst are both pretty useless, you'll be using other things. Put them somewhere else.

    Something like this: 11Pal 29Reaver 26Riftblade
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