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Thread: Stormcaller/Necro/Archon Build

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    Default Stormcaller/Necro/Archon Build

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first class build idea. I really wanted to delve heavily into the stormcaller for damage purposes. Necromancer is there for pet support and finally archon is for minor group buffing. Ultimately I want to be on the front lines doing damage and I think I can do it with this build. Let me know of your thoughts.

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    I think Elementalist has more synergy with Stormcaller than Necro, if you're wanting a pet class. Just because the they both focus on elemental damage as necro has a lot of death damage. I also think the buffs and debuffs of an archon fit well into any build. I personally would make try to go SC/Ele/Archon... And see if you can get a lil bit more focus on elemental damage...

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