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Thread: Healing in PvP is overpowered guyz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsi View Post
    In other words, the problem is the p1-p4 DPS players (the vast majority of PvPers right now) have relatively -0- chance to kill any p6 tank clerics or against a 2+ healer advantage team. Those same p1-p4 DPS players (the vast majority) can (with teamwork) relatively easily kill any other p6 character that is not a tank cleric in a relatively short period of time. Now, add in the facet that most warfronts have an objective around a flag and removal of that tank cleric is necessary in order to capture the objective. Even with a proper team setup to kill the p6 tank cleric, it does take extra time (thereby allowing more time for your team to get to the objective or more points to go up on the scoreboard or both). The tank cleric gives up relatively little DPS if not being focused (no more than any other tank class) and can turn to heals when being focused (and still heal the team while attacking normally).
    This isn't true at all. A R1 dps in greens can easily kill an R6 cleric in full raid 1+ level epics. I don't know who you play with but they are really bad. It has nothing to do with gear and everything to do with proper use of abilities.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsi View Post
    That's the balance issue with PvP and tank clerics.
    Not really. Justicars have decent physical mitigation but next to NO magic mitigation, which happens to be what 90%+ of damage in PvP is. All that will do for us (and IMO, parry doesn't happen in PvP because I've never seen it) is allow us to survive through a stunlock from a sin or a champ's bullrush without needing break free. If you don't have that now, or another cleric around to heal you, you're dead 100% of the time.

    And because this soul is usually used just for extra survivability in PvP with intent of heals or DPS, we almost never, ever use a shield. So blocking mitigation doesn't happen. So we're talking about ~18% mitigation from the build itself (15% if healing) and 20-ish% from valor, so 38% which isn't much higher than most people can achieve with DPS builds and is much lower than what rogues and warriors can get with PvP builds. Stop whining about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsi View Post
    If you need to understand why Inquistor/Cabalist is wee-bit overpowered, I'll help you out there but I think you already know - the coefficient of Soul Drain coupled with "instant" damage (after the cast time) multiplied.
    Nobody gets templar that high anymore. If you can't get away in 2 seconds, you either got completely pwned, you didn't react and interrupt or silence or KB, or you just got pwned. It is not easy to get a multi-target soul drain off, especially in wings. Wings are a crosshair painted on your back and result in noobs and pros alike focusing you down.

    Cabalist is only good for pulling and a well-timed AoE silence bomb, stripping buffs is meh and only good with Asias so you need 51 pts to make it terribly strong. Inquisitor is insanely weak outside of that one ability and it's nearly impossible to get off in a good setting (against anyone who isn't ******ed). And nobody runs the inq+sham+temp builds that let you charge into a group and drop an instant-cast crit SD because it's too many wasted points. Besides, the ever-present fear of LOLCALLERS has produced an interesting effect in that people don't clump up as much anymore. Thus further reducing the usefulness of this nigh-PvE-only ability in PvP.

    Quote Originally Posted by Krazer View Post
    Still mad.
    Still bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josiaha View Post
    The title should be: Cleric healing in PVP is overpowered.

    Chloro's are useless. Everyone know to just dispel LGV and they can't do anything worth wild. Easy kill, easy shut down...Clerics are the ones who feel like tanks, can heal no matter what, and are the problem. Chloro's are a free kill.
    donno why u think chloro is a free kill when u do lock/chloro/archmage 31/26/9
    15% less chance to be crit
    80% damage reduction every 3 minutes
    50% more health every 3 minutes
    1000 absorb living shell every 3 minutes
    2 instant cast heals
    mortality aoe channel healing for damage done on charge use every 1 minute
    not to mention 80% of life damage done is given as healing to anyone close

    sure it's easy'r to kill then a r6 cleric but its still pretty good. i can tank 2-3 ppl pretty easy. unless they purge.

    my r6 chloro damage mitigation chloro spec is a beast to kill
    i preffer my dps one more lock/chloro/archamge 25/26/15 but when against a team which targets me a lot more it does the trick VERY well. also "when" they make lgv passive i'll be even more of a beast. not sure WHEN but i dont think trion will ignore the complaints for much longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmerlin View Post
    A r1 dps in greens can easily kill an r6 cleric in full raid 1+ level epics. I don't know who you play with but they are really bad. It has nothing to do with gear and everything to do with proper use of abilities.

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    Yes chloros are free kills...anyone who plays other classes know that.

    I love my chloro, but I also know how they are free kills for my rogue....and not just them. They can't put up a fight. There main abilities are debunked...they stay stunned while gimped...easy kill.

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