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    looking at creating a tank in rift or healer first i would like to know what class people find they need more
    and then also what souls should i be picking to become the healer or tank im still trying to work out all these sub classes under the main class srry i dont know the correct definitions of what they are so far

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    Sounds like a cleric would be something you may wanna look at, can heal, dps and tank all very well.

    However warrior tanks and rogue tanks are better with less gear.

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    cleric is the only calling that can both tank and heal
    warriors and rogues can tank and dps while rogues can offer support heals too
    mages can main heal but no tank soul.

    atm, the cleric tanking soul is the worst of the 3 callings, but in the alpha server he is being buffed a bit and amybe he will come in line with the others.

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