This is my current build. Any thoughts on tweeking it as I level would be wonderful. I love the Shadow Shift for that oh crap moment so it's hard to get rid of. I currently have 3 macro's set up...mainly because of the different types of shots. I run around quite a lot with this build. If I stop to cast Splinter Shot or Empowered shot, it's only a the casting time then I move again.

2 combo shot point builders hotkey 1

#show Splinter Shot
cast Splinter Shot
cast Empowered Shot

Instant Shot...kiting, etc...might be too long?

#show Crippling Shot
cast Crippling Shot
cast Barbed Shot
cast Quick Shot
cast Swift Shot


#show Head Shot
cast Rapid Fire
cast Hasted Shot

I also have Deadeye, static shot (which I don't use that much in the two first WF's...but will in capture the flag), Deaden and Repelling Shot on my hotbar.

This build has been working great thus far as I have been at top or very close to the top of the damage done meter and killing blows each game. The main reason I went 10 in Ranger so far is because of Crippling shot and trying out Dire Wolf in stead of Razorbeast. I run around a lot and kite melee that charge after me.

That being said, I'm thinking about mixing it up a bit to try to boost damage. Some MM critted me for 1100 yesterday, which is about 400 more than my max with Dead Eye and I'm jealous.

This is what I'm thinking of switching now at level 29. I'll lose out on Shadow Shift...which stinks losing a useful escape ability. I also have to back track in MM a bit. I lose Dire Wolf as well but I'm not sure how much more damage it does.

This is where I want to be at 39...I think.