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Thread: HELP me decide vets cleric or rogue for end game plz!

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    Default HELP me decide vets cleric or rogue for end game plz!

    I have a cleric at 40 and a rogue at 43. Rift is not wow so both are needed. These are the roles i enjoy for both callings. Cleric: inquis/justicer combo (dps/support) and sent/just (healing)
    Rogue: tanking or bard. I just cant decide what i want to make my main! Which one is easier to get groups for/needed for raids in end game content. I really need to figure out which one to get to 50! On my server there seems to be plenty of both callings so i cant seem to figure out what is needed most by that alone.

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    Go cleric, or suffer the horrible fate of being awesome.
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    I am not a "vet", I do have a 50 rogue and a 50 cleric and I enjoy playing as a healer. So I choose cleric.

    Healing can be intense, the less geared and more errors "we" make the more intense it gets. Everyone likes a close fight that you eventually win.

    ( Except whoever chose not to let Premades fight Premades, maybe they are SWTOR fans? )
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    Why are you posting in this section? I would have figured that posting on your shard would be the better place, since you are asking for information on which is needed more ON YOUR SHARD. Also, why worry about having just one level 50? You do know you can make all of your toons level 50, right? Why not just level both of them, and use them as the situation demands.

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    Getting into a group as a tank/healer is a lot easier than getting into a group as a dps. However, both are useful at 50 and both will get into groups, so it's really just a personal preference.
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