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Thread: Top DPS Class - Top Guilds

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    Default Top DPS Class - Top Guilds

    I was wondering what the meters look like in other peoples guilds currently in my guild rogues are on top. Is it that way in yours?
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    On Plutonus in my guild top DPS goes

    A Mage
    then 2-6 is a mix of Rogues/Warriors/another mage all between 1350 and 1550.
    Top mage is 1750+
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    Top 5 DPS in my guild are Stormcaller/Eles and BM/Champs almost consistently. I think we get a Rogue up there once in a while.

    Most our Rogues run the Ranger/MM spec though which isn't the highest dps. A few use the 44Sabo spec. Raid Leader likes our rogues to mostly handle ranged duties since it's friendlier to the overall dps.

    I run the Bard role the most (and prefer it) because I just don't give a flying <expletive delete> to try and keep up with FotM dps, and I like the fact that I at least have an identity in our raids since we rarely need more than 1 bard.

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    Our Plutonus kills have a rogue, warrior, and mage all over 1650 and the rest of the dps between 1k and ~1500.
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