I was wondering what everybody would think of a caster class that was more along the defense lines (perhaps even able to tank??) such as a Seer. Essentially, a Seer would make use of their powerful minds (duh! right?) to move objects (a shield for protection maybe?) around, and to even control them ( pyrokinesis telekinesis etc.). They would also be trying to attack and weaken the minds of their opponents in order to exploit them (perhaps mind control/ charms, hexes, debuffs etc.). I wouldn't think of them being nearly as offensively potent as a mage, but rather try to control the fight as much as possible and look to gain an advantage (through some weakness/mistake by their opponent) rather them nuke their opponents to death.

I've always hoped for a caster class might be able to tank in an MMO. Rather than having to a big warrior wearing heavy armor and a big shield, I could be a light-armored caster with a lot of defensive capabilities. I mean one would think with being so highly intelligent and all, they could find a way right? Or am I just dreaming ?

Feel free to add and/or discuss.