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Thread: WTF Trion, everyone post your opinion here.

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    Default WTF Trion, everyone post your opinion here.

    Just to start this off, this thread has nothing to do with PVE, only PVP. I don't pve, only pvp, so don't expect me to know how well builds do in PVE before the disagreements/agreements bombard this thread. With that being said, here it goes.

    Trion, why can't you get PVP right? ok so before 1.2 we had rogues being the dumb class, getting rolled over by warriors, then we have clerics who dont die unless focused by more like 3 players, and we have mages critting people for over 9000. I THOUGHT 1.2 was going to fix this pvp imbalence, making it to no matter what class you play you have potential to do good w/o being in a premade. Now all you've done is made rogues **** mages, warriors get ***** by everything because unless your some sort of tanking spec you die very very very fast, and clerics are still unkillable. All i ask is to balance this game out and make everything have equal potential kill the other 3 classes. Otherwise people arn't going to pvp when they know there class is going to get rolled over and stomped on.

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    Hi everyone,

    We have closed this thread and would like to take a moment to explain why. We do welcome all feedback, even when it is negative or critical, but we do ask that it is respectful and constructive, please.

    If anyone has questions or concerns about this thread closure, please feel free to contact us at

    Thank you!

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