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Thread: Something unique.

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    Default Something unique.

    I would like for the creative minds at Trion to consider something extremely unique for each of the classes. For example,
    say the ONLY the Bladedancer can seal a rift after it has been warded off. Not that that game mechanic will be in there but to that effect.

    Or only a Druid can mass rezz. Or only an Elementalist can summon players through rifts etc.

    What say you friends?

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    While I like unique class abilities I would be careful with to much uniqueness especially in a game with 32 classes.

    1. I would set up some (not 32) unique skills
    2. decide and create groups of different classes
    3. give one of this skills to each of the class groups
    4. adjust

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    id have to say no. i hate having to wait for a specific class to be free just to do smthing. now i dont mean that every1 should be able to do everything, healers heal, dpsers dps... and so on, but having a single class being able to seal rifts... not really fun
    chat would be full of : SEALING RIFTS FOR 99999999999 gold or smthing
    http://forums.riftgame.com/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=1282&dateline=1279040  725

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