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Thread: 4th soul ???

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    Default 4th soul ???

    4th soul

    I am lv 15 just come to some big major city and i have quest for 4th soul, now as i figured out i can take 4th soul and be able to switch if somehow with one of souls i have now, its like dual talents from wow as i figure it out.

    my spec now is tanking with 96% points in paladin tree, reaver - paladin - warlord, its going realy slow with questin so i was thinking taking one of dps souls and replace that soul, let say i take champion soul and finish quest.

    now i can change my paladin sould with champion soul? and i will get all points that ive spend i paladin sould to spend it now on my new champio soul? can i switch sould whenever i want? do i need to be in town? please help a bit. thx

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    you can get all 8 souls that your calling offer, only 3 of them active at one time.
    whenever you have 0 point in a soul (because you respecced at the trainer or just never put any point in that soul tree) you can switch that soul for any other soul you have acquired.
    you can buy up to 5 "roles", more or less like dual talent but you can switch role anytime, you just need to stand still for 2 sec while not in combat.
    so you can spec a role for solo questing, another role for instance tanking, another for instance dps, another for pvp, wathever - each of them built from any three of the souls you have acquired.
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