Does anyone feel that there are way too many conflicting buffs for the same stats whist being no buffs for other useful things?

How many souls buff endurance? 5-6?
How many souls buff resists? 3-4?
Strength? 2-3?

How many souls buff nothing?
How many useful stats don't have buffs?

Why not give every soul something special to contribute to a party/raid instead of just having a bard and an archon?

Blade dancers have a crit and dex buff both overwrote by bards. Why not give them a dodge buff from False Blade to share? Or at least make the sole party offering they have slightly better than the bard buff.
Rangers could boost bleed damage.
Nightblades give physical attacks 3-5% death damage.
Marksmen increase party hit
Assassin's give a buff to ignore X armor, or have expose weakness be a 5-15 second ability that adds damage to EVERYONE's attacks or add Improved Expose Weakness which puts it on a 30-60 second cool down and goes into effect for everyone. Either everyone gets 20 boosted hits, or the party as a whole gets 50-100.
Sabs could give attacks slow target debuff.
Bards just do what they do.

Stormcallers have static discharge.
Archons- derp
Pyros- attacks deal X% fire damage

Beast masters- already have good party buffs
Warlords- good party buffs
Champions- Party deals x% more damage to target under 30%hp
Paladin- Armor buff that's better than bard or archon (because it's their "Special/unique" party contribution

I play a rogue, so I really can't give many ideas on other souls, but right now, raids bring a bard and an archon, a tank, and then the FotM DPS. There's no reason to diversify. Why bring anything other than NB/BDs since anything less is worse DPS and offers nothing unique?

If every soul had a meaningful party/raid contribution that made them special in some way, it would encourage diversification instead of MOAR BIGGEST NUMBAR!