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Thread: Something is wrong.

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    Default Something is wrong.

    You know something is wrong when the community is complaining about a non damaging debuff vs Pyromancer being able to 2/3 hit somebody. Regardless of if somebody has 0 valor nobody should be able to be 3 hit in this game within 4.5 seconds.

    Non damaging debuff vs 3 hitting somebody in 4.5 seconds.

    I sure know which one i would pick.

    Oh and please read my signature, its a funny way of posting how i feel about rogues.
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    Hello rogues, look at your dps. Now back to mine, now back at your dps, now back to mine.
    Sadly it isn't like mine. But if you stopped playing a broken class and rerolled as a mage yours could feel like mine.
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    Rogues continue to pull top forum threat.
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    I honestly believe that the mindset is the same with gamers as it is with kids (not an insult, I include myself here)

    If you take something from a kid, they throw a fit. Once its gone for a while, they move on and mostly forget about it because its now normal to not have it.

    Then you take something else away, and they throw a new fit.

    I think pyro damage is still over the top. They certainly die more now with the changes, but the burst is silly. Problem is, it has been this way long enough that its now normal, and people have accepted it. I also think the purge spam is a stupid idea and taking pvp from fun to frustrating. I am an advocate of moderation. I think they nerfed warriors too hard, they nerfed pyros way too little, and they've taking this purge thing way too far. Thats just me.
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