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Thread: MM by the Numbers.

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    Default MM by the Numbers.

    Here is my take on the MM Spec. I wanted to inform those players who are "jumping to conclusions" about the Marksman spec and their abilities. I will give a breakdown of the spec, the abilities, and the rough averages on damage. I want to point out that my build is for a group setting and not a 1v1 setting.

    The Build

    The Benefits
    Damaging Abilities and their stats

    Average player stats, self buffed.
    Crit: 30%
    AP DPS: 60

    Rotations and Encounters
    Burst Damage:
    1min 24s Cool Down, Quick Reload allows for this rotation 2 times, Quick reload has a 3 minute cool down. This means every 1.5minutes you can use this burst 1x, and every 3 minutes you can use it 2x.
    1. Marksman Pedestal
    2. Eradicate
    3. Improved Hit and Run
    4. Empowered Shot x 2
    5. Deadeye Shot
    6. Repeat steps 4-5

    During this rotation you have a 50% chance to critical hit both empowered shot and dead-eye shot. They both are granted a 70% damage boost. On average unbuffed stats (T2 Geared equivalent), empowered shot will hit for 250-450, and critical for 500-900, dead-eye shot will hit for 1000-1200, and critical for 2000-2200 (4 combo point).

    You can feasibly in a perfect world get off 5 rotations during an Improved hit and Run. But this is assuming you do not get crowd controlled. That at max would equate to 20000 damage in a 15second spam. Now there are a lot of assumptions with that total number, that would be ALL critical hits, and full damage. But as we know, most classes have some kind of damage reduction skill, buffs, or immunity. So this number, when brought to a realistic world, is merely 11000 over a 15s period.

    So in 15 seconds you have either to merely get 2-3 heals, or CC the target. In a group setting this burst damage helps drop a player in the healing intensive situations and is incredibly needed to burst down a target. This is by no means a sustained damage.

    The Problem
    Rift is a group game, all the people who have issues with said things are because they fail at the grouping and team mentality. You need healers, you need support, you need to stick together, you need to stack single targets. People are way to inclined to cry wolf because they want to be able to kill everyone and not be killed by anyone.
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