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Thread: 51 pt suggestion for-- All classes/callings

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    Default 51 pt suggestion for-- All classes/callings

    I think everyone realizes Hybrid specs dominate this game atm and it's not just because people want to split spec, but because to stay competetive you have to.

    My proposed change: All souls 51 pt abilities are removed (or moved lower and slightly adjusted) and passive abilities put in place that are powerful enough to warrant a full 51 pts while not being gamebreaking. Ex:

    Stormcaller "Increase critical strike damage bonus of water spells by 10% for each stack of electrified on target"
    Not gamebreaking but it would make 51 SC viable

    Ranger "Increase damage of Headshot by xx% on your pets target"

    You get the jist, Passive, important abilities that will let people go pure spec while not forcing peoples hands one way or the other.

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    i'd say the easiest way to implement this is to give new stances/self only buffs that are unique and appropriate to the class in question.. ones that buff not their innate stats, but rather their particular style of play.
    for instance Elementalists maybe get "Elemental Force" as a 'stance' which gives their pet a debuff power which is applied whenver it crits, the debuff on the target would give the SC's powers a higher crit rate against that target.

    yada yada etc etc for all souls.

    a passive works,but allowing it to be a stance or a buff so that situational circumstances can still allow for customization works a little better, imho.
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    Leave 51 points at 51 and give us buffs as a reward for full speccing. Like give Sin an additional 25% crit chance.

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