Fix Stealth or remove it from the game cause it obviously to hard for you to figure out .

1. if a player is in range and is spamming there attack button .. breaks stealth and attacks you...
2. Just randomnly pop out of stealth for no reason .
3. bard debuff sometimes takes me out of stealth.
4. the top teir talent stealth needs to remove all debuffs. The 3 second thing is a joke . The cd is way to long as well almost borderline ******ed. Just sayin.

Other things ..

The derp derp 1 button aoe spam in warfronts is well, ******ed aoe damage all in all needs completely revamped/redone and or removed again maybe its too hard for you to figure out or tweek.
Yes i have a cleric doing 1.1k dps in a warfront amazingly fun when im doing it seeing how it is completely op from a melee pov..

Every class having a stun, slow, silence is a weak weak pvp model balancing around that is going to be completely way to hard .

Your leaving alot of thought on pvp melee we have to close a gap without anytype of talent to help us drop slows/port/rush were dead in the pan everytime .

Final statement .
The warrior goes derp derp! I r gud..